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About this website

This website is powered by avidimages digital image library software.

The photos on this site are by Sheffield photographer Jerry Lampson, a founding member of the avidimages team, and yes - you can buy them!

The main purpose of this site, however, is to showcase our simple but powerful solution to selling your digital images online.

Here's what avidimages offers you:

• Space for 20,000 high-res digital images
• Sell original, medium & small image files
• Payments go direct to your PayPal account
• Sell in your preferred currency: $, £, € & many more
• Manage images by category, titles & keywords
• Add your own visual branding to each page
• Variable image pricing policies
• Fast-track buying process for your customers
• Easy-to-use photo upload & content admin tools
• Fully hosted - managed using just your browser
• Your own unique web address
• Add your own Google Analytics code
• Start your image library for free here!

So, if this looks like what you've been waiting for, sign up to avidimages today!
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